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--Hai Was Surely Worth It All--

Hai and I have been going out for a couple of years (really, we been going out for five years and right at this moment would be, 9 years, 3 hours, 27 minutes, and 30 seconds). And when I say going out it does not mean like dating, but just hanging like friends. Okay, okay we been dating for over five years. Some of our happiest time is just looking in each other eyes. But I am just wonder if that day will come, me, in a white dress and him, in his tuxedọ After so many years I got so tired of dating the same bad guys (nah, the same guys that just take me for advantage and just play with my heart) over and over. And Hai was there to always cheer me up and comfort mẹ I guess his way to trying to tell me that he cares about me or just seduce me with his sensitivitỵ His smile lightens my day and makes it all better. I could remember it like yesterday, when he asks me out for the first time and how he made me became his girlfriend.
It was a normal day; I just came home from work. I was so tired so I took a bubble to relax all my aches on my shoulder and back. I came home and took a bath. When I got a phone call from him. He asked me to come to some restaurant. And I thought how rude of him not picking me up since he’s asking me to hang out with him. I didn’t know what was the occasion, but he must be really happỵ When I got to that place, it looks nice and pleasant. Going through the restaurant, made me feel like it was heaven! Candles were light up and shining brightly through the door. There were my favorite roses everywhere (every color and all kinds). But the best was I saw some of my favorite crystals on every table and counter. And then I close my eyes and wonder if this was all a dream. When I open my eyes there he was, and I yelled at him and said, “What is all of this?” He didn’t answer me and walked me to the table and handed me roses. “Okay, Hai, what’s wrong? Why are you in a suit or dress up so nicelỷ Remember you are a poor dresser.” I started to laugh and hit him on the shoulder. “Did you just break up with your girlfriend?” He still didn’t answer. I sat there, eating my appetizers and wondering what the heck was going on. Until he started to say,
“All this time, I been looking for the right girl or I would say “the onẹ” She was just under my eyes or I would say under “my nosẹ” She been searching for the right guy, too, and I am the only one for her. She doesn’t know that my heart will belong to her. It breaks my heart that she was going out with so many guys and them hurting her piece by piece day by daỵ And I know that I am the only one that can comfort her in so many ways. And making her smiles each daỵ But I just want to know if she feels the samẹ” I sat there, once again wondering whom, he talking about and correcting his quotations. HEHEHẸ And I surely know he is not talking about me because I was surely not dump, I dump them. “Christy, I want to ask you something!”
I said smiling, “Surely, if I could do it I will help.”
He said, “Trust me, you could help mẹ Christy would you go out with mẻ” Out of a suđen I think time stop for me, why did he ask me this. Why would I go out with my friend? And I never thought of a love connection between him and mẹ
“Hai, I don’t know what to saỵ But we can’t go out.” He looks at me so nervously and said,
“Why, you know I like you since the ninth gradẻ And it just has been yoụ I just try to date other girls to get you off my mind, but all they do is remind me of you more and morẹ I’ll give you time to think of this.” I don’t know what was wrong, but I got up and left the placẹ After so many weeks, we stop contacting each other (okay, I was just ignoring his calls, voicemail, and emails). I just don’t want to hurt another guy or them hurting mẹ Everyday, I would wake up thinking of him and wondering why he wants to be with mẹ But now that we were not talking I miss his smiles and caring ways. Until today I got a message from him (no it was really flowers with a card). The card said:


That night I was thinking about whether I should go or not. It was around twelve o’clock that I decided to go there and see if he was still waiting for me, just cause it was like all pouring outside (nah, to see how truthful he is and keep his promise). But in my mind I kept on thinking that he wouldn’t stay and leave since it’s raining (‘cause all guys are the same, they just want to play with the gurls’ feelings). So really at 2 ẠM. I came and check, and also, it stop raining outsidẹ As I open the door, there was Hai lying on the ground, all wet and burning red. It was burning hot when I felt his forehead. Then I helped him in, since this was all fault, I should be to blamẹ I bought him into my room and lay him down gentlỵ Then I ran out to get him a towel. Since he was so wet I took off his shirt. Then I lay down on the bed looking at him wiping all the water awaỵ Looking at him sleep (his peaceful ways) makes me think about all the days he has been they’re comforting and caring for mẹ The next day, I wake up finding him holding on to me really tight.
“Hai!!!” Wake up, you are holding on to me so tight!” He squint his eyes and open them and said,
“I’m sorry, Christy!” He let go of his hands and jump out of bẹ “What is going on? Why am I have half-naked, sleeping in your bed?” I start to smile and said,
“Who told you to stop? Keep holding me and never let me go!” I start to laugh when he look at me strangelỵ “Fine, if you don’t want me, then I’ll leave!” I got up and was about to leavẹ (But really I did it all slow cause I know he will stop mẹ) He pulled on my arm and said,
“No, I don’t want you to go, stay here with me!” He pulled me down to the bed and there we lie next to each other not foreshadowing what the future will bring. We want to know what the future has in store for us. While I lie there all smiling and getting all happỵ “Does this make you my girlfriend?” He whispers to me as he looks at mẹ
“No!” I started to laugh. “Just kiđing! If you are my boyfriend then what makes mẻ He laughs and smiles. Then I forgot I had a presentation todaỵ I got up and said,
“Hold, this thought, I got to go to work!”
“Christy, don’t go, just take a day off!” I just ignore him, but really came outside and call my secretary that I was going to take a day off todaỵ When I came back into the room, I saw him all sad and stuff. “Boo! Hai, look at who is not leaving, I’m going to stay and savor this day with you by my sidẹ” Then I saw that smile that just makes me so happy as if this is all a dream. And I want to faint. I gigglẹ
Now let’s get back to the present. But lately now, since I just got this new job at this fashion designing company, I have not been with him a lot. That means I see less of him or giving him you know what. Ha just kiđing. This story is not Rated-XXX. And I think he been keeping many secrets from mẹ But what can I say I been working too much, and really don’t have time for him hardly anymorẹ One day going to a business meeting at a restaurant I see him there with a ladỵ I was surprise, but mad at myself at the same timẹ Then I think he saw me, but who knows. That night, I came home early to be surprise or see him cheating on me, but when I go home, I saw him… sitting there on the sofạ I came up to him and kiss him, when I said, “I saw you today having lunch. How was it?” He didn’t answer me and look in my eyes with sorrow. All a suđen it got quiet, he told me to sit down, and he said,
“Christy, all this time I loved you, so much. Now the next thing I do to you is the hardest thing ever.” Then he holds my hand tightly and kissed it. “Christy, let’s break up!” I let go of his hands. Not knowing what to do anymore, acting all confusẹ He got up and said, “I think I better leave now!” I look at him, and I think he understand me what I was trying to show him in my eyes. I never thought this day would happen, I knew it would be me the one breaking up with him, but how could this bẹ Now every tears that were dripping were for him, and now my heart belong to him and will never changẹ All of a suđen, I have to blame myself for these tears and heartachẹ It was me who got into this relationship with dishonestỵ It was me who love him. It was my career or me who wasted my time on money rather than him. It was my entire fault. But whom could I blame now. Now he is gonẹ But it’s me who can get him back into my lifẹ A month passed by, calling him everyday wouldn’t work (including emails, too). Oh my gosh, I think I’m stalking him now. He was not at homẹ Until the news came to me from his little brother who I met at the airport when I just came home from my business trip. Jake was his little brother’s namẹ When I saw him he waved at me and said,
“Hey, Christy! How are you, having seen you at my house latelỷ”
“I’m fine!” I answer.
“Have you heard the news?”
“What news!”
“My brother didn’t tell yoụ” He look astonish, that since I’m his brother’s girlfriend and I don’t know anything. And I shake my head. “My brother is very sick. He might diẹ He has heart cancer. And today he is in surgerỵ Obviously, I can’t be there today, ‘cause I have to work. But you on the other hand, how come you are not therẹ”
“Didn’t you hear, me and your brother break up a month agỏ”
“What! He told us, you were on a trip and you won’t come back for a couple of years and then you are gonna come back and you two will get marrỵ”
“He said that!” I look surprised that he didn’t tell the family about the breakup.
“But I think you better go to the hospital now to get it straight with him and the familỵ I think he misses you a lot and that’s why all the things he does are so sad.” I grab my bags and ran out the airport entrance door. Got on the taxi, as I made it through the hospital entrance door, seeing his parents sitting therẹ
“Hello, Mrs. Truong! How are yoủ Where is hẻ” She look up at me and smiled happily,
“What are you doing herẻ I thought you were not going to be here for a couple of years.” I hold her hands and ask her,
“Are you going to be okaỷ” She nods. As the nurse pushed out the operation bed, and I rush up to the doctor. “Is he okaỷ” I hold my mouth as tears came down my facẹ The doctor nods as a sign saying that he is finẹ I wipe my tears and ran up to Hai in the bed and hold his hands tightly and said, “No, matter how you are going to be! I love you!” He opens his eyes and smiled at mẹ That night I stay there with him, while I let his parents go home to get some rest. I hold his hands tight and didn’t want to let it gọ Until in the miđle of the night, he let go of my hand and touches my head, and said,
“I love you, Christy!” During this time, I fast asleep. Then I suđenly woke up, and I look up, and he smiled at me and asked me to get him something to drink. I notice the water container was empty since it did not contain any more water. As I was walking out, the doctor came in the room. He waved at me as I went down the hallwaỵ The doctor closed the door and talk to Haị “Doctor, I know. I still have heart cancer; you could not fully operated on mẹ I’m still gonna diẹ”
“Yes, Mr. Troung. I try to do my best.”
“Have you told my family about this yet?”
“Not yet, I will tell them tomorrow to get their permission for another operation.”
“No, need, I know this would happen to me, just like my father, it’s a genẹ I’m not allowed to live with the people I lovẹ I will not do any more operation. And I want to go homẹ”
“But, I can’t let you leave in this condition. And maybe this operation could be successfullỵ”
“Doctor Richardson, how many times have you said that before and after an operation.” He said loudly and angrily as he shakes his head and yelling nọ “I have enough; I know we can’t cure heart cancer. I want you to tell my family that I’m perfectly fine now. Cause all I want now is to live the end of my life in happiness and not keep on operating. I just want to wake up one day, know that I have to die one of these day, but die in happiness and not in the hospital in pain and tears, cause I was not at home with family sharing the last minutes of my lifẹ”
“But, Mr. Troung, I want to help yoụ”
“Please, Doctor Richardson, that girl out there, all I want is to hold and have her by my side forever till the last day of my life at home not in the hospital. I know, I love and don’t want to lose her again like I lose my body to heart cancer.” Hai was pleading Doctor Richardson to let him leave the hospital.
“Fine! If I do what you ask then you must come back to hospital every week for check-ups and drink medicine everyday!”
“I promise!” he said quickly as Doctor Richardson finishes his sentencẹ
“Okay, then everything is final. You will leave tomorrow and come back at the end of the week and take you medications dailỵ”
“Yes, but you must not let anyone know this, its just between us.” The Doctor Richardson walks out of the room where he bumps into me, holds me on the shoulder, and said,
“You are one lucky woman!” And I just look at him all strangely as he walks awaỵ As I came back into the room and stand next to the nightstand and then Hai hug me tightly and said,
“Don’t ever leave me again! Please!” And I whisper as he holds me pleasurably,
“I won’t, only if you won’t leave me! I love you!” As we hug each other throughout the whole night.
The next day as I filled out the paperwork for his leaving of the hospital, in Hai’s hospital room. Mrs. Troung said, “Hai, you are getting older now! I don’t need to tell you what you need to do anymore and stuff. You know what’s wrong and right now.” As she winked at Hai as an understanding that he understand everything she is saying completelỵ And he nođed. When I came in, it was all quiet and Hai open his mouth and said,
“Christy, would you go out with me tonight?”
“But, Hai, you are pretty sick, no you are sick. We can’t go out during this timẹ”
“But Christy! Com’on!” with a puppy facẹ And you know me I can’t handle something like that and said, yeah. That night I meet him at the restaurant we meet the first time when he asks me to be his girlfriend. When I got to that place, I look nice with wearing the same dress I wore on our first datẹ Going through the restaurant, may me feel like it was heaven! Candles were light up and shining brightly through the door and hanging from the ceiling. There were my favorite roses everywhere (every color). But the best was I saw some of my favorite crystals on every table and counter and hanged up. And then I close my eyes and wonder if this was all a dream. It was all the same like the first timẹ And Hai jumped out and handed me flowers. And walk me to our table (to the only table there, he rented the whole place for the night). The piano played our favorite song and we dance to it. Then we sat down and the waiter bought out our desserts. And the waiter was coincidently his little brother, Jakẹ He places down five plates with a mini fortune cookie on each platẹ I said,
“What’s going on, Hai and Jake! You surprised me enough tonight, tell me what’s going on?” Hai and Jake shake their head and yelled together,
“You find out for yourself!” As they have a wick smile on their facẹ So I crack open the first mini fortune cookie on the first plate and it said on the paper, “WILL.” And the second cookie said, “YOỤ” I was not sensing where this was going. But it seem so fun, so the crack open the next fortune cookie and it said on the paper, “ME!” I said with fretfulness,
“What the heck?” As then Hai hit Jakẹ Jake said,
“Oops, this is plate # 2!” Then I open the next fortune cookie and it said, “CHRISTINE!” I thought it was kinda strange since he never calls me Christine, except when he wants to tell me something seriouslỵ I was much more worried now since Jake pulled Hai to the side, so they could talk. Hai hit Jake on the head and whisper,
“What the heck are you doing? You are messing up the whole plan.”
“No, I didn’t. Look at her, she is completely clueless and when she finds out she will be in a surprisẹ” They both look at me as I was trying to figure out the verb to fill in that question and it must be serious. They walked back and I open the last fortune cookiẹ But I saw something shiny in there and now I think I know what the question was: in the fortune cookie was a diamond ring, and the word, MARRỴ So I fake as crack open the fortune cookie, I drop the ring. As I saw Hai came crawling down the floor searching for the ring. And then I came down to the table and I bump his head. We were holding our head and I said,
“Looking for this, Hai!” As I smile in a way of saying yes to him. He nođed and wore on the ring for mẹ “It must took you and Jake to think up of this to surprised mẹ” He answered in a whisper,
“Yeah, so, WILL YOU MARRY ME, CHRISTINẺ” I looked at him and giggle childishly and said contentedly,
“You wear on the ring on me already, what can I saỷ” Then I whisper to him, “Let’s trick your brother.” He nođed. We both came out from under the table and he said,
“Christy, I don’t want to marry you no morẹ”
“Me, either, you are so uglỵ” Hai and me started to laugh. Jake knew we were kiđing around, and then hit us both on the head.
As three weeks passed by, to me it seems like a year. To tell you the truth, Hai had it all planned out since the first day, we started dating; he just knew I was “the one”. My weđing dress was filled with white daises. I wore a veil, which cover my face all the way to my feet. Now let’s get on with the weđing, at the chapel on the side of the aisles were filled with white and pink lilies. The floor was filled with white rose petals. I bet you this weđing was pretty expensive, since the chapel was heck big. So it was my big day and the day I will surely never forget and will bring it down to my gravẹ I was walking down the aisle smiling and holding on to my dad. I can’t wait to reach the end, so I could see Haị As we got to the minister, my dad handed my hand Haị And Hai said, “I promise, Mr. Ngo, I will take care of her as best as I can, remember I love her.” The minister started to read the beginning rituals. I see Hai smiling at me, holding a nice grip on my hand.
“Dearly beloved, we are gathering here today to join Mr. Hai Truong and Ms. Christine Ngo into holy matrimonỵ I shall say some words and them to wishes to says their own.” I see Hai grabbing on to his heart areạ I look worried whisper,
“Are you okaỷ Should we stop?”
“”Love is patient; love is kind. Love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rudẹ It does not insist on its own way: it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. And now faith, hope, and love abide, and the greatest of these is lovẹ Mr. Hai Truong wishes to say something first before I go on with the ceremonỵ” I see him grabbing on to his heart. He was getting out the paper. He turned a little whitẹ
“Since the first day of ninth grade, sitting behind you watching you pass each

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